About us

The Mana project was born in September 2020 from a meeting between two friends, Filippo and Stefano.

Filippo, a surf enthusiast, asks Stefano, a carpenter friend, to make a decorative surfboard as a piece of furniture for the house.

Stefano produces the table and Filippo's friends, seeing and appreciating it, ask to be able to have one for them too.

One day, Matteo, a friend of Filippo and Stefano, seeing some of these decorative surfboards in the carpentry shop, became curious and asked for information.

The three decide to invest energy in this project, linking it not only to a furnishing concept but also introducing a social and environmental purpose: part of the proceeds from this activity will be donated to associations that deal with protecting and cleaning up the beaches and the sea.

The project runs through social networks and collaborations are not long in coming: surfers, sportsmen, environmental protection associations and others decide to support the Mana project and spread it.

Mana Decor Boards wants to be an example of how every business can pay attention to the environment in which it operates, reaping benefits to give back to the environment.

100% plastic free, and thanks to the partnership with Treedom we are going to offset the CO2 emissions deriving from activity and transport.

Starting a business, creating quality products worthy of the "made in Italy" brand, having fun and doing something concrete and useful for the environment. This is our philosophy.

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