Three friends, decorative surfboards and a blueprint for the planet.

We like to tell it this way, because that's exactly how it went: start from the idea of creating beautiful decorative surfboards, designed as an original piece of furniture, and then to build something really bigger around the Mana project. 

Because with surfing you immediately think of the sea, and those who live it are well aware of the problems that afflict it. 

We wanted to make a concrete contribution to this cause, and we wanted to find a way to involve our supporters too. The colorful Mana surfboards would have been the ideal way to involve anyone who wanted to give support to our initiative, albeit not by going directly to the field.

In fact, by purchasing a Mana table, you contribute to supporting the "clean-up" initiatives, that is, organized days where volunteers go to the beaches to clean them of the waste that is deposited on the banks. 

We are at the beginning, but we have a strong vision and motivation. 

We expect great things. 


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