Come with us to the Mana Decor Boards carpentry shop

Those who have been following us for a long time know that for us "handmade" is an essential value for all our products.

We firmly believe that the union of cutting-edge tools and manual finishing can give life to one-of-a-kind creations.

We take you on a virtual tour of our carpentry, where every day we passionately create unique objects, capable of transmitting emotions and telling stories.

It all starts with the choice of the best fir boards, which are pre-treated to eliminate the natural resin contained inside. Instead, we choose to leave the light natural imperfections of the wood, because they make each product unique.

Subsequently, the first cutting phase begins with specialized machinery that guarantees extreme precision.

We then move on to the finishing phase of the raw boards, an operation which is carried out exclusively by hand. The edges are smoothed and the profiles perfected.

We then proceed to the painting phase. Here too, everything is done manually so as to take care of every single piece in detail. This means that each Mana Decor Boards product is unique, with its shades and color variations depending on the wooden slab used.

The final phase is packaging: the Mana Decor Boards decorative surfboards are carefully packaged with 100% plastic-free materials and prepared to be shipped all over the world.

Thank you for following us on this tour of our artisan carpentry.

With pride, 100% Made in Italy and with the utmost respect for the environment.

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