New "Made in Italy" collaboration!


Our commitment to supporting associations on the front line on the issue of sea and environmental protection continues.

Impossible not to mention "Roby Clean Up", by his friend and surfing champion Roberto D'Amico.


Roby is someone who lives the sea every day, and is aware of how much attention and commitment is necessary to preserve it.

In its activities it tries to involve especially young people, so as to convey to them from an early age the importance of respect for a fundamental good for everyone: our beloved sea.

The problem that most affects our coasts is always that linked to waste and micro-plastics.

Thanks to his network of contacts, Roby always manages to involve a large number of participants in his activities, thus maximizing the result.

We are very happy to be able to give our small support to another company that operates on the national territory. We will send useful material to the beach clean-up activities organized by Roby's group.

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