"Mission Euridice" and the Spinelli brothers

The "Ghost Nets - Missione Euridice" project was born from the will of two brothers, Marco and Andrea Spinelli, in order to tell one of the biggest problems linked to the "invisible" pollution of our Mediterranean sea.

In fact, every year, 640 thousand tonnes of fishing nets are abandoned in the oceans, according to the annual reports of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the data is continuously increasing.

Recent studies between 2017 and 2018 suggested that ghost nets could account for around 46% of all microplastics in our oceans .

Marco and Andrea have always had a passion for the sea, starting from the age of 5, when their father took them to explore the marine world of their Sicily. Today Andrea has become a Marine Biologist at the Oceanographic Institute of Valencia and an OTS diver, while Marco is a director and videomaker at Radio Deejay.

Marco and Andrea, during a dive, accidentally discovered a real environmental disaster: one of the most important shallows in the gulf of Cefalù was completely covered in fishing nets.

From this immersion a 3-minute short film was born to really witness what's down there. These are ghost nets, which in addition to killing fish, crustaceans and turtles, are suffocating entire coral walls, such as gorgonians, which are very important for the marine ecosystem.

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