Italy calls Portugal: the first collaboration

F: "Hi, my name is Filippo, with our Mana project we produce decorative surfboards and through the sale we raise funds to support activities that deal with the protection of the sea and beaches, we would like to give you our support"

D: "Hi Filippo, I'm Dörte from LinDoMar, great, thank you very much".

A few words, but we are learning day by day that nothing more is needed in this environment. 

The phone call that took place today between Filippo and Dörte was short but the agreement was immediate. Those who, like Dörte, are involved in the front line of clean-up and environmental protection activities are well aware of the value of sincere and transparent help and can really appreciate it. 

Dörte together with Linda founded in 2018 the LinDoMar organization, active in Portugal and which is responsible for organizing environmental cleaning days, but also for training and creating culture for the generations to come. 

Over time they have created a synergy with other organizations in the area, in order to maximize the results of their work.

What will we at Mana do to support their work? We will take care of finding useful material for the clean-up days to be sent to their support. "There is always a need for waste collection bags and suitable protective gloves," says Dörte.

We never thought that our first collaboration would take us to the other side of the continent.

Good the first.

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